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Малантроп – своєрідний тиранід-псайкер, левітує над землею, з'являється на полі бою тільки після перемоги тиранід і жере тіла найбільш цікавих на його погляд ворогів. Після чого перетравлюється більшими тирандіами і служить джерелом створення принципово нових тиранідських форм.


>red and blue
>first to arrive (apart from Ouroboris, see later)
>raw aggression and melee strength, dense concentrated force
>tan and red
>second major one to arrive
>speed, stealth, dispersed spread out forces attacking from multiple angles
>green and bone
>rapid adaptability, extreme toxicity, focuses more on small creatures than large ones
>black and yellow wasp stripes
>tunneling focus, lots of raveners/trygons/mawlocs, seeds planets with meteor bombardment containing hidden nids inside
>posterboy fleet white and purple
>more powerful psychic, largest pure numbers, coordinated attacks from both above/below
>red and black
>anti-Chaos fleet
>heavy shooting focus, strongest anti-psyker
>purple and black
>swarms of many many little bugs, cannibal hive fleet eating remnants of failed fleets
>teal and white?
>heavily defensive, building unknown structures on planets and staying there instead of eating and moving on, mysterious
>blue and black
>ancient fleet time-traveled into the future by the warp
>mostly focus winged forms, weird organs resistant to modern anti-tyranid weapons/tactics



>main colours: red exoskeleton, blue carapace
>fleet speciality: direct head-on brutal assault
>swarm speciality: direct head-on brutal assault


>main colours: light sepia exoskeleton, red carapace
>fleet speciality: coordinated assault of multiple different planets at once
>swarm speciality: red uns go fasta


>main colours: white exoskeleton, purple carapace
>fleet speciality: fucking huge, enough to attack different segmentums by emerging from below the galactic plane
>swarm speciality: posterboys masters of all trades


>main colours: green exoskeleton, bone white carapace
>fleet speciality: not really
>swarm speciality: highest degree of evolutionary adaptability and proficiency with creating and using toxins and spores


>main colours: glossy black all over with yellow patterns on carapace (rorschach on biggest ones)
>fleet speciality: fleet encircles a planet in its spires when attacking it
>swarm speciality: use of burrowing creatures and of tunnels and trenches they make


>main colours: dark blue exoskeleton, black carapace
>fleet speciality: it's a more "archaic" fleet that arrived in the galaxy millennia ahead of the others
>swarm speciality: extensive use of flying creatures


>main colours: ghostly blue-green with pale exoskeleton and darker carapace
>fleet speciality: only known instance of a stationary fleet, building a megastructure on their world
>swarm speciality: very defensive tactics, biomorphs and more resistant armours


>main colours: blue exiskeleton, with purple skin on face and black carapace
>fleet speciality: fleet scavenges biomass by feeding on other small tyranid fleets
>swarm speciality: great speed and coordination in reinforcing its hordes of smaller creatures when taking losses, by calling, producing and deep striking reinforcements