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What do Ukrainians think about Communism? Is it still popular in Ukraine? What about Fascism?




We are stupid slaves, bro, we are cannot think.


People who were born in the nineties and younger are totally brainwashed at school. So Communism and Fascism is ultimate evil for them.

Older people mostly hate communism and afraid of Fascism AF.

So Ukrainian Fascists and Commies are mostly small groups of freaks/idiots/fanatics.

Communist political parties are officially banned in Ukraine. And stupid nazis are to scared to even lean out. From what i've seen Nazis can only do their Nazi salutes and talk shit.

I like communism, but not the way most part of USSR patriots like it. I think that the bigest possible victory of humanity is "destruction of country borders". Only when we will become an union of human(not races or nathions) we can think about space or something like that. While we still hiding after borders and hate eachother we cant be an Humatity in right meaning of this word.



It won't happen soon. If something like this happened in the near future, it would be even shittier than USSR. I guarantee it.



All humatity must work for it, only by hands of every human we can bild a Great world.



The best option is to let sings slide and worry about yourself and lowed ones only.


A lot want commies to come back. Another opinion is Communism is worse than fascism and nat-soc is still considered bad.


>I like communism,

Stopped reading there. neck yourself, commie and take your no borders country with you.