Got Banned at Kropyva.ch

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Got Banned at Kropyva.ch, after writing at www.kropyva.ch/i/ that Ukraine is a piece of shit country full vatniks and Russia lovers, and everyone in Ukraine speaks Russian, but doesn't understand English. I've warned them that if they wont approve my political asylum, I could butcher their Ukrainian child, since I have nothing to lose and without residency permit I cant get a visa of a civilized country. But they just told me to do it. Ukrainians there also told me to speak Russian, before banning me. Sounds like kropyva.ch is a Kremlin bot operation. Guess they will be laughing when I publish a video of little Ukrainian girl being skinned alive. Well they're just asking for it. Look at pic related.


Also thank you Shitkrain, I'm forced to live in hostels. That will increase the pleasure when I will be ripping out the intestines of your daughter.

I hate others, especially the prols, yet I'm forced to share a room with them, since I cant rent here personal apartments.


Правильно, нехій русню пускати в Україну!

А чого ти пишеш англійською? Боїшся, що забанять за російську?



Точно меншовартісник, говорили з ним його рідноґ мовою, а він носа воротить


You had 5 days to complain about it according to the document you have there. But it seems like you have picked the wrong place to do it. Besides, we don't give a shit. Especially about terrorists. Been busy killing them for years. You might become yet another one.


I despise ugly Slavic languages and believe that all languages must be replaced by English. God bless America!

Unfortunately other Russians disagreed with me, that Russia must be cleansed from Russian speakers, and open a criminal persecution against me.



>I despise ugly Slavic languages and believe that all languages must be replaced by English

English is way more ugly than any other language I can think of. Maybe something like Chinese is worse.

>a criminal persecution against me

Because you are a traitor of their nation? So what? It doesn't mean that anyone should protect you.



>Because you are a traitor of their nation?

Nations should be abolished.

>English is way more ugly than any other language I can think of.

Russian language induces disgust after comprehending its rotten nature, because Russian language is devoid of any good qualities, such as the brevity of Hebrew, the simplicity of English, or the wisdom of the proper Asian languages. In addition to the illogical mess of inflections, the Russian language is full of sexism: in it every word is gendered, compared with asexual English. Russian speaker is forced to give preference to one gender, the Russian rule of thumb is to pick male gender, breeding more toxic masculinity.

Russian language gives rise to spelling mistakes, because Russian text is an order of magnitude harder to edit than the similar text in English language, for the slightest change requires the correction of numerous inflections and genders throughout the sentence, because Russian is the so called "synthetic language." Using Russian language for constructive projects is like hammering a nail with a piece of feces.

Russian subhuman language forces to change and add suffixes to people's given names, usually inventing these endings yourself or using some insane rules. A Japanese or an Engish speaker knows clearly that if a person is named "John", then they should call him John without making any modification to his name, while Russian scoundrel will at every opportunity think how to distort and ruin the name: Johna, Johnu, Johnom.

The language of Russians is severely limited by its niche, like a system of signals in a colony of harmful bacteria, and is adapted by centuries of criminal Russian history to serve certain inhumane goals. Russians constantly prove that the main areas of application of their language are: insults, lying and organizing crimes, in the abundance committed by Russians. Russian language is positioned as a mean of defecation, breeding demagoguery and emitting negativity. Russian language is alien to reason and creativity. For several centuries Russian liberals tried to ennoble Russian language, introducing words and knowledge from civilized languages into it, but that made Russian language only more monstrous, for, as the Americans say, "you can not polish a turd." However, Russians themselves also say "my language is my enemy", which differs from the direct translation of the Roman proverb "the language of a fool is his enemy", hence even Russians themselves understand that Russian language is the language of fools.

Russians claim that Russia does not control the Russian language, that the Russian language has gone beyond Russian borders. Russians note that there are a lot of Russian-speaking Jews in Israel, and some particularly sly Russians have even climbed it into Europe and the USA. I will answer that the anus of a mentally retarded degenerate also does not control the fecal excretion, but this does not mean that everything around should be smeared with shit, like in a psychiatric hospital ward.

World's culture needs to be optimized with the single unified language – the American English language. Other languages and cultures are dead ends, which have no reason to exist. All national history forgeries and national literature nonsense must be purged in the largest and the most impressive book burning event of the millennium. Book burning is good, when the books are obsolete and in a dead language, like this Russian language. Time to get replaced!



>Nations should be abolished

Commie and globalist scum should be abolished.

>rule of thumb is to pick male gender

How is this sexism if there always is a female version of literally everything except borrowed (mostly for english) words? This is actually the opposite of it and English language is the one that is ignoring genders. But you are probably one of those scumbags that think that sexes/genders (this term is pseudoscientific BTW)should be abolished along with the nations/races/etc.

You think you can dictate every foreign culture how it's language should be and what should be abolished from it so it can be more to your liking? Very American, I hope you'll die from prostate cancer one day. The sooner the better.



I'm not a Commie. I'm liberal. In American sense. The only exception is when it comes to Russians – there I'm not liberal and support genocide of entire Russian population -- kill them all, Stalin will know his own.


>sexes/genders (this term is pseudoscientific BTW)should be abolished along with the nations/races/etc.


No need for these obsolete social constructs to exist.



> obsolete social constructs

They are obsolete only in your head. By tossing aside all existing constructs without replacing them or creating environment where they are not needed anymore you are ruining our society.


Sex. But Gender is indeed social. And useless. З іншого боку, це як у нас із родами. Немає ніяких причин вигадувати неживим предметам "гендер" (бо статі у них бути і не може), який ми називаємо "рід". Заїбали ви інглішмени.

Sadkov is fucking hillarious, top tier shizo comedian. Live long and prosper, Mykyta!

The Central Council of Ukraine should provide on some point Non-citizen passports for refugees without right to vote or work in the government structures as Latvia did or even like the Nansen passports were after WWI. People who want to live within current Ukraine laws and pay taxes for all that Ukraine is providing to them for should have a right to do that. Unfortunately, if you are not respecting the national symbols and don't want to be responsive of your provocative speach or actions, there is no good reason for you to stay, even with your valuable skills as a diplomatic voluteer or military reporter.