Got Banned at Kropyva.ch

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Got Banned at Kropyva.ch, after writing at www.kropyva.ch/i/ that Ukraine is a piece of shit country full vatniks and Russia lovers, and everyone in Ukraine speaks Russian, but doesn't understand English. I've warned them that if they wont approve my political asylum, I could butcher their Ukrainian child, since I have nothing to lose and without residency permit I cant get a visa of a civilized country. But they just told me to do it. Ukrainians there also told me to speak Russian, before banning me. Sounds like kropyva.ch is a Kremlin bot operation. Guess they will be laughing when I publish a video of little Ukrainian girl being skinned alive. Well they're just asking for it. Look at pic related.


Also thank you Shitkrain, I'm forced to live in hostels. That will increase the pleasure when I will be ripping out the intestines of your daughter.

I hate others, especially the prols, yet I'm forced to share a room with them, since I cant rent here personal apartments.


Правильно, нехій русню пускати в Україну!

А чого ти пишеш англійською? Боїшся, що забанять за російську?


Точно меншовартісник, говорили з ним його рідноґ мовою, а він носа воротить


You had 5 days to complain about it according to the document you have there. But it seems like you have picked the wrong place to do it. Besides, we don't give a shit. Especially about terrorists. Been busy killing them for years. You might become yet another one.