Call of Cthulhu

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This fascinating creature possesses incredible regeneration capacities. The consumption of some parts of its body provokes various effects on humans, depending on the part ingested. Whenever a part of the creature is injured, or even completely removed, it immediately starts healing. After a few hours to a few days, it is as if nothing ever happened.

The harpoon Hamilton stuck in the beast's brain probably explains why it can't leave, it seems paralyzed. It is still conscious but it cannot activate its defense systems or even move. I managed to extract the cerebrospinal fluid from its brain and its properties are AMAZING. I've called it Ichoride in reference to the gods ethereal fluid. I still need to make further experiments but it appears that when a subject receives an injection containing this fluid, the firstborns can CONTROL his mind. I don't know yet why only firstever can do it.

Probably because of our long exposition to the beast or our frequent consumption of its flesh making us part Leviathan.

About 2 to 3 times bigger than a common whale.

The tentacles are one of the most significant sign that the creature isn't your typical whale. Their utility is still ???, but it does remind us of ours first visions of the God.

The fat, when boiled, makes the oil. It can be used as typical whale oil. It's best particularity, however, is to allow people to visualize glympses of the mysterious city and God we saw ourselves. Best efficient with creative people, having it consumed while sleeping also increases the effects.

Consuming the flesh gives a certain form of immortality, or at least, increases lifespan. It does not bring back youth however. The flesh is also responsible for the regeneration of the body and can heal almost any kind of injuries, even lost limbs.

Fitsroy's leg grey back in less than a week. Surprisingly, he still limps like an amputee. Psychological?

WARNING: abusive use of the regeneration properties might make the body change becoming more similar to the creatures and less human.